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Kreston GTA

Kreston GTA
Kreston GTA is a leading accountancy and financial services firm based in Markham, Ontario that services the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. Kreston GTA provides a full range of accountancy, assurance, tax, business advisory and financial services and has a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities of technology, start-up, and R&D businesses. A close strategic partner of Maxim, Kreston GTA provides a seamless tax planning service for mutual clients, providing full tax planning strategies that incorporate SR&ED and other innovation initiatives.

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Schooley Mitchell

Schooley Mitchell
Schooley Mitchell is the largest private telecom and merchant services consulting organization in North America. Schooley Mitchell analyzes businesses telecommunications and merchant processing systems and needs. They give clients independent and objective advice on how to optimize expenses in each area. Their fees are based on a share of the savings realized.

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Isolocity is a paperless, cloud-based quality management software (QMS) that strives to eliminate the labor involved in quality compliance. Isolocity reduces the time required to meet quality standard compliance up to 25% while providing a seamless transition onto a cloud-based QMS platform.

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Douglas Murray & Associates Ltd.

Douglas Murray & Associates Ltd.
Douglas Murray + Associates Ltd. is a national sales tax recovery company performing sale tax reviews for private and public companies, and organizations in various industries.

Douglas Murray’s team of consultants are professional accountants with over 20 years of sales tax recovery experience with the expertise to perform efficient, non-invasive sales tax reviews, generating savings and practical solutions for our clients.

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Our management team comes with over 20 years of experience in SR&ED tax credits and other innovation grants. Maxim Strategy Consultant’s diverse team of engineers and CPA's ensure that all claims are of the highest quality. This is evidenced through our greater than 90% track record of claims being assessed as filed, without Canada Revenue Agency reviews.


Maxim’s strategic approach focuses on identifying the most lucrative and beneficial mix of grant and tax incentives. This strategic approach enables Maxim to limit the time involved by your organization in developing a plan to identify and process applications and claims, while maximizing the return to your business.


With Maxim’s proven processes, we maximize your tax credits through personalized, hands-on consulting, while at the same time, focusing on minimizing the time to establish your claim. We work on a contingency fee structure, meaning we share the risk until the tax credits are received.


A dedicated team of professionals, made up of both engineers and accountants, will be assigned to the claim process for your business. Maxim’s SR&ED technical and financial experts will lead the process of the claim, from project identification to the filing of the tax returns. What separates us from others is that we are proactively involved in your business R&D processes. We work with you throughout the year, not just when it’s time to file your tax return.

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