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Accelerating Growth through Innovation

What Is Innovation?

In a phrase, innovation means “new or better ways of doing valued things” (CCA 2009, p.21). Some innovations - like the automobile, the Internet or penicillin - are game changers. But the vast majority of innovation is incremental, the continuous improvement of products and processes. Innovations must of course start somewhere, but unless and until an innovation spreads widely it is of relatively little economic or social significance. In the context of productivity growth, the process of innovation diffusion and adaptation is most important, since most innovation that occurs in any given area or jurisdiction is through adaptation of significant innovations originating elsewhere (CCA 2009, p. 27).

Why is there a need for innovation?

Innovation drives our ability to create more economic value from an hour of work. The resulting productivity growth increases economic output per worker, creating the potential for rising wages and incomes, and thus for a higher standard of living. It is for this reason that business innovation delivers great benefit, not only for the individual firm, but also for society as a whole.

Rewards Given

The government encourages companies to foster innovation for the better of the whole society. And the encouragement comes in the form of governmental incentives and funding. Businesses that innovate have many governmental rewards at their disposal. The only question remains is not how to apply for these incentives and funds but how to receive the maximum amount you are entitled to.

Rewards Taken

At Maxim Strategy we will assist your company to receive the maximum amount you are entitled to. With our proprietary methodologies, we will ensure that not only you receive your incentives and funding but also to position your company to benefit at the maximum year after year. Maxim Strategy Consultants can help you find innovation oriented management solutions. And through our specialized consulting, you can take advantage of these following incentive programs:

  • IDM tax credits
  • IRAP
  • FedDev Ontario
  • Direct and indirect incentive planning
  • Tax and expensive recovery


With years of extensive experience in accounting, engineering, management consulting and quality management, and in affiliation with Kreston GTA of Kreston International, a leading global accounting firm, we maintain our reputation and operate for success.


We understand that the path to new or improved technology, products and processes is internal research and development activities, and with your company’s strategic goals in mind, we will help you accordingly to take advantage of all current government innovation grants and incentives.


With our proven processes we maximize your tax credits through personalized, hands-on consulting, while at the same time, we focus on minimizing the time to establish your claim. We work on a contingency fee structure, meaning we assume 100% of the risk until you receive your tax credits.


A dedicated team of professionals will be assigned to your claim and will overlook the production of your claim. We will work with you on how to best position your company to get the most out of the incentives and we will represent you after submitting your claim.

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